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Airplane Mode

Island Writer Magazine Volume 22 Issue 2, December 2023

Not So Fast, Dr. Quick

Medical mystery novelette, introducing our 70-something, semi-retired doctor detective 

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine July/August 2021

Cave Shopping

Selene Quarterly Magazine 2022

I Could Still Kill You

The Dark City Mystery Magazine October 2019

Ferry Pickup

The Prairie Journal of Canadian Literature 2018

Nominated by the Prairie Journal for the Journey Prize


Island Writer  Volume 16, No. 1 June 2018


Honourable Mention

GVPL Tiny Stories 2018

Boarding House Blues

1st place Art Contest 2017


Queen of the Ferry Pickup

2nd place

GVPL Tiny Stories contest 2016




Cinespark competition 2020, final 5


This Location Screams for a Murder 

Something is Going to Happen (EQMM editor blog) July 21, 2021

Guest post 

When Real Life Intrudes on Your Fantasy Vacation 

The Globe and Mail January 5, 2017

(full page article with photo, Travel section)       


The Start of a New Social Life

Island Parent February 2016, cover story

Not-so-rugged, Guilt-free Camping 

Island Parent June 2016, cover story

LSimons headshot Cinespark.JPG

Headshot from the 2020 Cinespark competition 2020, final 5 pitch contest

cinespark Screen Shot all 9.png

Screenshot of the 2020 Cinespark, online pitch competition

Reading at the launch of Island Writer magazine, 2023

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